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Who are we? 

We are a diverse interprofessional team of researchers, clinicians, patient-family partners, and trainees who share a common passion for older adult care.

Why we got together? 

We recognize that caring with older adults is often seen as a last resort (fewer students were choosing long-term care as their practicum). We want to change this!

Our shared goal.

Our goal is to cultivate excitement to care for older adults, as a positive experience in which the next generation feels engaged.

What is IEE? 

What have we done without funding? 

  • develop supplemental educational modules for interprofessional learners completing practicums in settings with older adults (e.g., long-term care homes, and transitional care units).

  • provide weekly check-ins for learners

  • connect interprofessional learners

  • are a resource team that mentors students

  • grow research opportunities

  • support the development of skills and encourage relational care

IEE (Interprofessional Experiential Education) 

IEEs are semi-structured IPE events that support and encourage interprofessional collaboration in clinical placements/practicums.  

In course-based IPE experiences, learners focus on developing and practicing team skills. In IEE events, participants extend those skills—and develop and practice new ones—that have direct relevance in clinical placements.  

Participants in IEE ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ style events: 

  • Can come and go from the event on their own timeline. Although scoped at 13 weeks, participants can get involved at any point in their practicum for as long as it is of relevance and value. IEE events are primarily asynchronous and online hosted in IPECT. This makes them as flexible as possible. 

  • Access resource modules specific to their clinical placement as well as modules related to workplace settings and collaborative practice more generally. Participants access these modules in the way that works best for them. Think ‘just-in-time professional development’.  

  • Connect with participants in similar clinical placements. Participants in IEE events are encouraged to meet regularly with colleagues to support one another in their clinical placement.  

  • Have a behind-the-scenes IEE interprofessional Development Team made up of faculty, instructors, learner colleagues, and staff who are particularly interested or/and expert in the specific IEE clinical placement. Participants can reach out to Development Team members at any time throughout their placement, in addition, of course, to preceptors and their specific program’s resource team. 

  • Integrate reflection (team and individual) into practice. 


This short video, created by recent participants in an IEE event, provides an overview of the experience. 


Increasingly, it becomes more obvious that effective teamwork is critical to healthcare. Developing effective and coordinated caring teams requires awareness and skills. And connecting with learner colleagues in similar clinical placements provides another opportunity to develop skills and practices that contribute to effective collaboration and teamwork. 

Connecting Sharing Caring Project

You can click here to access the page for this project

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