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Welcome to a simulated eHR (electronic health record) EHealth viewer.

This viewer simulation is best viewed on a computer using a browser window.

In a regular eHR viewer login screen, you would be prompted to understand the privacy and confidentiality policies and legal requirements before logging in. A summary of these requirements is:

  • You are only authorized to access eHeath profiles of the persons you are immediately providing care for for the purposes of providing care.

  • You are not authorized to access accounts of those whom you know that you are not providing immediate care for.

  • You are not authorized to access your own eHealth profile with this system. You may access your personal eHealth profile through the Saskatchewan government eHealth viewer and your own personal login credentials.

The purpose of this simulated eHealth viewer is to provide you a simulated close to life experience going through an electronic health record. You will use it to access the simulated profile of a patient named Clara. The simulated experience will be limited. You are not expected to learn how to navigate the official eHealth system, so the information provided will be simplified, the menus to access will be streamlined. This is an approximation of a electronic health record retrieval and navigation.

This eHealth record is based off of fictionalized information for the purposes of education.

Click the Login button below to get started.

ID      NurseStudent

Password      *********

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