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Interprofessional connections can help to maximize the quality of care and quality of life experienced by older adults, close ones, and staff. This project will use emails and social media to help healthcare workers to connect, build relationships and increase their skills in caring with older adults. Healthcare workers will receive microlearning opportunities through email and social media. They will be asked to rate their understanding and awareness related to communication, team building, personal development, and relational care. Virtual meet-and-greet events will provide an opportunity for “in-person” meetings for participants to share experiences, learning, and enrich connections. Building strong and sustainable interprofessional connections can play an important role in supporting the recruitment and retention of healthcare workers in long-term care settings.


Provide participants with weekly microlearning opportunities they can use in their practice caring with older adults.

Provide participants with a sense of belonging and reduce the feelings of isolation and stress. 

Provide participants with an opportunity to build a supportive interprofessional community of health care workers across Canada.

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