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Communities of Practice

The Saskatchewan Long-Term Care Network is a family-engaged, province-wide community of practice, which was established in March 2020 in response to the declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our overall aim is to support Saskatchewan’s long-term care sector (e.g., continuum of older adult care), long-term care residents, and their communities to achieve optimal wellbeing.

Aim:  Through the Research Connection grant, the Saskatchewan Long-Term Care Network aims to broaden our connections and support activities across the province by facilitating a new focused community of practice specifically concentrating on family integration into caring with older adults across the continuum of care during and beyond the pandemic.






Specific Objectives

Connect the target audiences in a meaningful way to co-create knowledge by exploring issues, exchanging innovative ideas, and generating possible solutions focused on family integration into care across the continuum of older adult care.

Establish the Saskatchewan Long-Term Care Network within the province as a facilitator of new communities of practice, with the potential for subgroups (e.g., based on geography, interests, topics, expertise).

Increase the sustainability of the core Saskatchewan Long-Term Care Network by engaging interested members from the new communities of practice to promote sharing creative and innovative ideas.

Connect and engage interprofessional students with diverse people and real-life challenges associated with caring with older adults across the continuum.

We will work toward building a community of practice that will devise research problems and questions using a patient-oriented research approach. This will be facilitated by involving interprofessional learners (from provincial tertiary institutions), community and healthcare partners associated with caring with older adults, family caregivers, interdisciplinary faculty, and professionals from across the province (e.g., Saskatoon, Regina, and likely communities in the north west).

- The Process - We intend to use a phased approach over 12 months to build the community of practice.


Building the Architecture: build the infrastructure to support the community of practice through the Interprofessional Education Competency Tracker (IPECT) platform, including guidance and evaluation materials.


(September 2021 – January 2022): Project Engagement: community of practice members will form 7-9 project teams (small communities of practice) to consider ideas and possible solutions to identified issues. Members will exchange project plans within the larger community of practice (all smaller communities of practice together) and present/exchange ideas with the core Saskatchewan Long-Term Care Network and Saskatchewan Centre for Patient-Oriented Research representatives.


(February – March 2022): Integrate and Reflect: Project summaries, potentially including timely practice, policy, and procedure changes, will be widely shared with the Saskatchewan Long-Term Care Network and supporting community and healthcare partners from across the province through a celebratory knowledge mobilization event.


(March – April 2022): Academic and Research Knowledge Translation: project investigators will review and reflect on the project in relation to the initial objectives using a program evaluation framework, identify manuscript possibilities and connect with community partners.


We will connect healthcare and community partners with interprofessional learners to promote the co-creation of knowledge to support the optimal wellbeing of older adults and their communities.

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