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Connecting, Caring, Sharing - Who Are We? What Do We Do? Why Is This Important?

Who are we?

Our mentored team consists of graduate and undergraduate interprofessional research trainees and family partners with lived experiences. We come from different fields, including nursing, education, psychology, and persons with lived experiences. Our different backgrounds bring different perspectives to the table.

How did the team come together and what is the project?

We all came together based on our common interests and desire to support interprofessional workers and learners caring with older adults. Our team meets weekly over zoom to create posts on Instagram and a Facebook group to develop a supportive environment for healthcare workers caring with older adults. We plan to create 30 posts on a range of topics, all fitting within our umbrella themes of Connecting, Sharing, and Caring. We draw on the knowledge, expertise, and lived experiences of our team members and others involved in the BetterLTC research team to inform our posts.


To build a supportive interprofessional community of health care workers caring with older adults across Canada.

Objectives of our Connecting, Sharing, Caring posts are to:

● Provide participants with weekly microlearning opportunities they can use in their practice.

● Provide participants with a sense of belonging and reduce feelings of isolation and stress.

● Support the recruitment and retention of healthcare workers caring with older adults.

Why is it important?

Healthcare workers caring with older adults may feel isolated and unsupported in their roles. Interprofessional connections are important for maximizing the quality of care and quality of life experienced by older adults, close ones, and staff. Through this project, we aspire to recruit healthcare workers and build a supportive interprofessional community using social media.

If you are interested in participating, you can find our Facebook and Instagram here:

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