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Advancing Relational Care with Older Adults in Long-Term Care and Assisted Living: An Online Education Intervention for Healthcare Workers

  Through this study we aim to increase recognition and intentional inclusion of family caregivers as part of the collaborative healthcare team through health team and caregiver education on recognizing, communicating, and partnering with family caregivers, fostering resilience in family caregiving, navigating health and social systems in older adult care, and growing culture change in older adult long-term care. Through this study we also aim to build capacity in foundational supports for caregiver-centred relational care

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Also featured in University of Saskatchewan Discovery Digest for February 2022 !

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The following article highlights the research being done for this research project, its design, and what the aims for the project are. The article is published by the University of Saskatchewan College of Nursing. You can see the article by clicking the button below. This same article was also recently featured in the University of Saskatchewan Discovery Digest for February 2022. The article is identical, the link is provided below as well.

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