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Roslyn M. Compton

Principal Researcher

Roslyn M. Compton received her Ph.D. in nursing from the University of Alberta and is currently an Assistant Professor in the College of Nursing, at the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon. Her research interests include older adults, ageing-in-place, independence, narrative gerontology, and narrative care. Roslyn’s work recognizes the importance of understanding older adults’ experiences in relation to place and identity, and how social, cultural, and institutional narratives influence the stories told. Roslyn’s research always uses a patient-oriented approach to understand the experiences of older adults and their family caregivers concerning quality of life, interprofessional care, patient-engagement and transitions between services.


Erin Yakiwchuk


     Erin's teaching, clinical work, and research focuses on optimizing the health and function of older adults. A pharmacist by training, she is particularly interested in optimizing medication use in this population. She loves working with older adults, as well as the multidisciplinary geriatrics team!


Mariana Ribeiro

Ph.D. Student & Research Assistant 

      I am Mariana, Ph.D. student and research assistant in the College of Nursing at the University of Saskatchewan. I completed an interprofessional two-year residency program in Aging at the Federal University of São Paulo (Brazil) and a master’s degree at the University of Brasília (Brazil). When I was eleven years old, my grandparents came to live with us; my grandmother used to live with dementia. Living alongside my grandparents was my catalyst to pursue a career caring with older adults. I became a nurse, and throughout my nursing career, I had experiences in gerontological nursing, dementia care, palliative care, and community nursing. My main research interests are older adults living with dementia, family caregivers, and community care.

Mariana Ribeiro - Mariana Ribeiro.jpeg

Marilyn Barlow

Resident Family Partner Research Assistant

My name is Marilyn Barlow and I am a research assistant working on this research project. I am a retired Registered Nurse and a patient and family advocate offering my perspective and experience to improve the factors that influence the quality of health care and the quality of life of older adults living in long term care facilities. 


Katherine (Katie) Ottley


Katherine (Katie) Ottley is a PhD student in the Culture, Health and Human Development stream of Psychology at the University of Saskatchewan. She completed a Honours Degree in Psychology with a second major in Religious Studies at the University of Regina and a Masters Degree in Psychology at Wilfrid Laurier University. Katie has a wide range of research interests focused on the lived experience of significant transitions such as death related loss. She is interested in exploring the integration of lived experience into academic research, such as through patient orientated research. In her spare time Katie builds Lego kits and her current favourite build is a working Rollercoaster.


Marilee Lowe

Researcher, Educator

     I have been involved in Nursing with Older Adults for my entire career which now spans 4 decades. I began working in LTC as a care attendant while I was a diploma nursing student and I never left this field. I have had the opportunity to pursue further education to complete my Master of Nursing degree. Since beginning as a point of care nurse, I have worked in numerous jobs including Director of Care, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Research Assistant, and found my true love as an Educator. Most recently I have been teaching the Care Assistant program and find this to be such a great fit for my skills and passions. I have been involved in several research projects over the past 5 years and it seems this will follow me into my retirement (when I get there!)


Marlene Moorman


     I am a Retired RN, Family caregiver to my mother who passed in 2018 and to my father who lives in a Personal care home currently, and Family Partner in several research projects.


Candace Skrapek

Patient family Research Collaborator

Candace Skrapek is a retired registered nurse. Following her retirement after a 40-year career, she has continued to utilize her past education, experience and expertise in a range of community volunteer activities and patient advisory roles.

For many years Candace has volunteered with the Saskatoon Council on Aging, focusing on promoting positive ageing and creating a better quality of life for Saskatoon’s older adults. She co-led the Saskatoon Council on Aging’s Age-friendly Saskatoon Initiative, a 5-year community-based participatory action research project aimed at creating a more age-friendly Saskatoon. 



Laurie Bletsky

Project Coordinator

Laurie received her B.A. (French) from the University of Saskatchewan, followed by a 2-year B.Ed. (After-degree program). She taught French Immersion in Winnipeg for many years before moving back to Saskatchewan in 2004. Her interest in the area of long-term care began when she assisted Dr. Compton with her first research study in 2016-17. She currently works at the Saskatoon Open Door Society as an English for Employment teacher, and is also a part-time student at the U of S in the CERTESL program. She enjoys spending time with her daughter and taking their puppy Mika to the dog park, as well as watching football. They also host many international students at their home through the U of S Homestay program.


Lisa Cranley


Lisa is an Assistant Professor at the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto. Her research program aims to improve the quality of health care delivery to older adults and their quality of life in the long-term care sector. Her research is focused in the areas of knowledge translation and relational care, using qualitative and mixed methods approaches. Lisa’s research explores ways to facilitate collaborative approaches to decision-making among staff in long-term care, and by engaging residents, their family members, and staff together in team decision-making. On her time off, Lisa enjoys sailing around Lake Ontario.


Alison Craswell

RN, BN, BA, Grad Dip Mid, PhD

As a Research Fellow, Alison managed the CEDRiC (Care coordination through Emergency Department, Residential Aged Care and Primary Health Collaboration) project led by Professor Marianne Wallis. CEDRiC is an innovative model of service delivery aiming to strengthen the capacity of the aged care sector to deliver high quality aged care in both primary and secondary settings. Alison is involved in several other research projects including dissemination of the Geriatric Emergency Department Intervention (GEDI) in several emergency departments in Queensland.
My University bio link:


Paulette Hunter


Paulette is an Associate Professor of Psychology at St. Thomas More College, University of Saskatchewan and a registered clinical psychologist at Saskatchewan Health Authority. Her research reflects a long-standing commitment to promoting psychosocial wellbeing in long-term care through person-centred and interdisciplinary approaches. She has a particular interest in the experiences of residents with advanced dementia. Paulette grew up in Saskatchewan, and in her spare time, she celebrates local culture as a novice fiddler learning an Old Time dance repertoire. Many older adults living in Saskatchewan long term care homes are familiar with this tradition, too, having either attended, called, or played at community dances! 


Janet Luimes


Janet is a Primary Care Nurse Practitioner and Assistant Professor at the College of Nursing, University of Saskatchewan. Starting her career as an RN in the emergency department (ED), Janet saw many older adults transferred to the ED for care that could more effectively be provided in the community.  This ignited her interest in applying patient-centred, innovative models of care to improve access and quality of primary care services for older adults.  Janet has worked in Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta, witnessing the pros and cons of different healthcare delivery models.  She has three children who keep her busy when she is not working. 


Shawn Emard

Research Assistant 

Shawn is a Registered Nurse with a masters degree in nursing, a baccalaureate degree with distinction in Nursing and an honours baccalaureate degree in Anatomy and Cell Biology from the University of Saskatchewan. Shawn held a research fellowship and a teaching fellowship during his masters education at the University of Saskatchewan. Shawn is a member of the Saskatchewan Long-Term Care Network patient-oriented research collaborative in addition to his work with BetterLTC. Shawn works as a nurse at Sherbrooke Community Centre, a long-term care home in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Shawn grew up in a small town near Saskatoon and continues to live in a rural community and stay connected to rural needs. Shawn is a bunny dad to three pet rabbits. You can contact Shawn at


James Stempien

Professional research Collaborator

James is the Provincial Head of Emergency Medicine for the SHA and a Clinical Associate Professor for the College of Medicine, holding a BSc, MD, CCCP EM, FCFP, CCPE. He has been working as a physician for 33 years. He is interested in providing the best care for geriatric patients in the ER, the handover/interaction with community services is a key part of this. His specific role in this research project is as a good looking content expert. He has lived in Saskatoon since 2007, acreage with chickens, ducks, dogs, cats, and 4 hives of honey bees.


Terry Wotherspoon

B.A., B.Ed., M.A., Ph.D.

Terry Wotherspoon is Professor of Sociology at the University of Saskatchewan. He has a Ph.D. in Sociology (Simon Fraser University), as well as an M.A. (also in Sociology) and Bachelor’s degrees in Sociology and Education. He has extensive teaching experience at elementary, secondary and post-secondary levels, and served for several years as Head of Sociology at the University of Saskatchewan. His research and publications focus on issues related to education, social policy, Indigenous peoples, and social inclusion, exclusion and inequality in Canada. This work has been supported by funding from SSHRC as well as Saskatchewan Learning, the Laidlaw Foundation, the Prairie Centre of Excellence for Research on Immigration and Integration, and other agencies and organizations. Current research includes projects related to: schooling and processes of reconciliation in Canada; issues of social inclusion, exclusion, and diversity in settler colonial nation-states; the development of Sociology in North America and the UK during the 20th century; and the impact of education and labour market policies and practices on international migration.


Vera Caine



Sandi Whitford.jpg

Sandi Whitford

Resident Family Partner Research Assistant

A prairie girl at heart who loves spending time with her grandkids, four pets, golfing, quilting and drawing, or curled up with a good book. I am a mix of hard-core business and creative fun.

Now mostly retired, Sandi's work career spanned close to 40 years, primarily focusing on managing the business side of operations in both utilities and oil and gas related companies working for Imperial Oil, Intercity Gas and SaskPower.  For 23 years Sandi was co-owner of a non-destructive testing company in Saskatchewan and sole owner/operator after her husband’s stroke in 2016 and his death of my husband in 2021.

Her need to learn is never ending.  Her desire to write and do research combined with a love of business strategy led to my achieving her MBA in 1999 and then her doctorate in 2010. Sandi co-authored and received an international research award in 2013 and co-authored a published paper on leadership in 2020.

In 2011, Sandi earned her Level II Harassment Certificate, her certified coaching certificate in 2013, and her COR safety courses in 2018. 

Sandi has worked in Business, Human Resources, and Learning departments where she prepared business plans, managed administrative staff, engaged in strategic planning, and learned how to design and develop e-learning. In 2013, she started applying my e-learning development skills to building a home business which she has recently revived. 

Her board experience while not extensive includes non-profit board experience in the Alberta theatre sector and the board of GBCIL, a non-destructive family business and the Unitarian Fellowship of Regina.

She became a family advocate/caregiver in 2016 with her husband’s stroke and her parents’ issues with dementia.  Since then she has been working to try to help make the health care system better through groups like IEEE.

Combined these have come together to form a solid base of understanding of business, of developing strategy, and of dealing with people to achieve positive results.


Tracie Risling


A registered nurse since 2003, Tracie Risling is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan College of Nursing, receiving her doctorate in 2014. She has been teaching in the post secondary environment since 2005 and researches patient-oriented health informatics. She is currently president of the Canadian Nursing Informatics Association.

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Steve Iduye.jpg

Steve Iduye

Researcher PhDc, Assistant Professor

Steve is an Assistant Professor at Cape Breton University School of Education and Health. Before joining Cape Breton University in 2022, Steve had worked in Long-term care settings, mental health care facilities, and health informatics practice for 20 years. Steve is a Fellow (a highly qualified practitioner) with Age-Well Canada. This institution provides a platform for researchers, clinicians, and students in aging and technology research to collaborate and disseminate their research to support healthy aging. As a scholar passionate about healthy aging, Steve's doctoral and research trajectory focuses on reconstructing care planning and implementation using inter-RAI assessment tools in a long-term care setting.


Isha Noor

Research Assistant



Jane McPhee

Resident Family Partner Research Assistant



Allison Cammer




Sue Luhning

Resident Family Partner Research Assistant


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