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Long Term Care



Living in the Moment

Welcome to the BetterLTC website. Here you can find our current and past projects as well as relevant research we think is important. Feel free to contact us with your questions! 

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Our hope is to improve the quality of life and health outcomes in long-term care. We chose long-term care as our representative domain of interest and of the website identity. We envision long-term care not simply as a place of care, and certainly not as a facility of care. Long-term care implies the continuum of care through which people transition at certain life stages unique to each individual in which long-term health needs can be met. On this website, we will address the entire spectrum of older adult care.



Though we will strive to improve long-term care far and wide, please note that we currently limit the scope of our research and resource linking activities to a Saskatchewan and Canadian context. Thank you for your interest. Let us know if we can still be of assistance!




In 2012, 1 in 7 adults was over the age of 65. By 2030 this number is predicted to be 1 in 4 (Government of Canada, 2014). With the continued ageing of the population, the demand for long term care beds is set to increase, where older adults have access to 24 hour/7 days a week assistance with activities of daily living and monitoring of their health.

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